We put together the STUDIO 15 - Teen's Essential Collection for that teenager that wants the complete arsenal to address the hormonal imbalances that are reflected on many teenagers skin. This specially assembled collection includes: 

  • Ginger & Pink Grapefruit Cleanser - (1.5oz) this luxurious foam, natural alternative to harsh chemicals, is enriched with mild coconut and corn-based surfactants combined with AHA's and certified organic anti-oxidant botanicals to gently penetrate and dissolve deeply embedded pollutants while not stripping essential moisture.
  • Deep Pore Cleanser - (1oz) everyday dirt, pollen, makeup, oil, and dry skin cells can clog the pores. Clogged pores left untreated can lead to bacteria growth, skin fungus, blackheads and acne. A very important step in your weekly cleansing facial regimen, is keeping the pores of your skin open, healthy and able to pull moisture and oxygen into the skin. 
  • Acne Treatment Cream or Facial Hydrating Rejuve -  (.5oz)  Acne Cream - When you are struggling with inflamed, red, irritated skin, don't opt for products with unnecessary chemicals or toxins. This natural, pure cream contains powerful tea tree oil that has a reputation of possessing anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties; suppresses the acne-causing bacteria while jojoba oil helps control the skin's natural oil, helping to clean and unclog pores.                                                       Facial Hydrating Rejuve - our signature moisturizer is a uniquely designed formula with sodium hyaluronate, an ingredient that has the ability to hold up to 500 times its own weight in precious moisture, and evening primrose, a rich emollient with omega 3 and 6, leaves the skin hydrated and moisturized, leaving skin more radiant and youthful in appearance. Grape seed extract improves circulation while chamomile extract calms and soothes the skin, resulting in a radiant appearance.
  • PL3 Therapeutic Cream - (5oz)  this cream helps the skin repair itself from harsh external threats such as: rashes, sunburns, Rosacea, chemical peels, microdermabrasion or laser treatments.
  • Eucalyptus & Facial Clay Mineral Mask - (1oz)   this refreshing facial mask draws out beauty robbing impurities from beneath the top layers of the epidermis, making the skin more radiant and youthful in appearance. This unique, specially designed formula refines pores, draws out toxins, soothes skin irritation, inflammation and leaves the skin moisturized, and velvety soft.


Features & Benefits

pH Balanced

Certified Organic Extracts

Certified Organic Oils

Pure and Natural Based Formulary

Paraben Free

Alcohol Free