Silky rich antioxidants will cleanse immediately with just one pump of Edimi Facial PH Balancing Cleanser. This non-foaming mild facial cleanser has been specially formulated using our Transdermal infusion technology to gently remove impurities, neutralize and improve resilience, while rehydrating and maintaining skin's PH balance. Extracts of Bay Laurel acts as a softening agent and is anti-fungal. Invigorating Cucumber extract acts as a cooling agent, purifies, relieves redness, improves inflamed skin, rinses off easily, leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed. 1oz/30ml


Dispense one pump to finger tips and massage dampened face and neck using light circular and upward motion. Rinse with warm water and gently pat dry. Avoid getting product into the eyes. Use morning & night.


Skin's natural oils are essential to maintaining hydration and moisture. Avoid hot water when cleansing, it strips the skin of its natural oil.

Features & Benefits

PH Balanced

Alcohol free


Pure and Natural based formulary

Certified Organic Extracts

Certified Organic Oils

Paraben Free

Cucumber extract: tones sensitive skin

Assorted fruit acids: gently exfoliate the skin, fights blemishes, while reducing the appearance of fine lines

Bay laurel extract: antiseptic and antibacterial


Cocamide, Assorted Fruit Acids, Extracts-Cucumber, Bay laurel, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Tween