Edimi Burn Gel is a unique gel, formulated using natural botanical/herbal extract ingredients that work together to synergistically stop the burning sensation within minutes of application. With continued use, it can assist the skin in natural repair. Exposure to radiation treatments, laser, chemical peels, microdermabrasion facial treatments, all other causes of burns (kitchen, fire, sun, firefighting, curling/heat iron) are among the few types of burns that our burn gel will help the skin to repair naturally.  Another good use for Edimi's Burn Gel is on red, inflamed, skin, reacting to a product causing stinging or irritation. It is the must-have for most skin issues caused by any kind of heat or trauma to the skin.  Great to have in your household first aid or travel kit.

Size: 1oz

Tip: Place in refrigerator for a cooling effect.

Application: Gently apply on the burn and surrounding area four times a day.


pH Balanced


Certified Organic Extracts

Certified Organic Oils

Natural Based Formulary

Pure and Organic

Paraben Free

Alcohol Free

Featured Ingredients

Rose Hips: the rose plant fruit with the extract powder coming from the seeds and shells. High in Vitamin C in addition to 32 other minerals and vitamins including Vitamin E

Vitamin E: high performance as an anti-oxidant known to protect and repair the skin, and for supporting and maintaining cell regeneration, restoring skin to a vibrant complexion

Proprietary blend of Certified Organic Extracts of Oaktree pulp that are rich anti-oxidants that moisturize and nourish

 Fluid Oat Collide: effective in preventing and/or reducing the presence of sunburn cells in human skin when exposed to UVA 

Organic Aloe Vera  Extract: gentle skin soothing benefits 



Purified Aqua, Aloe Vera Extract, Rose Hip Extract, Fluid Oat Collolds, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, TEA