Our Founder's Story

Hi, I am Rose Garr owner of Pure Skyn Rejuvia, distributed by Edimi Skin & Body Care. How did I begin this journey? A very long time ago (when I was 20), I was dealing with a tragedy (my mother had just been killed by a drunk driver), I was at her funeral and many very loving and kind friends, neighbors, and family were there to help support us during our time of grief. When I would look into their faces what I was seeing and thinking was, "I never want my skyn to look that way." Sorry, everyone!

This thought started me on a quest on what to do to maintain the good skyn I had. I was only 20 and blessed with fair skyn, barely had acne as a teenager, and lots of freckles. I knew very little about the big organ we call our skin. As I started asking questions, before the internet and social media were available to us, like it is today, I discovered many skincare brands, some good, some not so good.

Eventually, I was introduced to an esthetician that was very educated and passionate about skin, and I had my very first facial. Wow… what a wonderful experience! An experience that I repeated once a month. I would give up chocolate, if necessary, to make sure I didn't miss that facial. She taught me a lot about my skin and how to take care of it.

Life happens - marriage, children, careers, etc. I worked in the accounting world, and when I was in my 40's, I was working as an accounting entrepreneur doing monthly accounting for small businesses. One of my accounts was a laser hair removal/esthetics spa. One day the owner and I were discussing how and why she started her business. She asked me did I get any personal reward in the accounting world. I discovered that although I was good at the numbers, my reward was making people smile and feel good about themselves. That is where my story in skincare took off. She encouraged me to go to school to become a licensed esthetician. She taught me laser hair removal, and when I graduated from aesthetic school she turned over her facial room and her clients to me. Her kindness, encouragement, and support have stayed with me all these years.

I was at an aesthetics trade show in Arlington, TX when I met Dr. Tick. I took a class from him and knew immediately I wanted to know more about the organ we call, skin. I went to his booth the next day to learn more and offended him by calling his products "stuff" (actually I think I said, "I really like your stuff"). Boy did I get an ear full. Eventually, I became his trainer for the company, Edimi Skin and Body Care. For over 15 years I trained estheticians, spa owners, doctors on his products, and how to use them in their clinic/spa or for daily skincare routines.

I eventually left the company to help with grandchildren and family. After Dr. Tick's wife (Edith) died, so very sad, he offered me the chance to purchase the company. I was honored that I was being given this opportunity. I have had the company for several years and although I attest the original formulas are the same, I decided it was time to make it my brand by adding some of my passion and excitement for the products and our customers.

We are making cosmetic changes to the brand; the new name, label appearance, and some container changes. We also are adding many new organic and natural products to the line. Formulated here in the US and using mostly certified organic and organic ingredients. My passion is to bring good products with amazing pure and natural ingredients, to our customers. But I also want them to be effective. Not just sit on the skin and feel nice. They need to be formulated with the right formula and ingredients to accomplish what our customers want and need.

This is why I now give you Pure Skyn Rejuvia. Pure, for what our products represent. Skyn, because it is the largest organ and usually the most neglected part of the body, and Rejuvia, so we can rejuvenate our tired aging skin, or help maintain young healthy skin and help slow down the aging process. Aging is just part of life, but we can do it gracefully and have healthy, beautiful skin in the process.

If I have had the chance to visit with you, you know that I get very chatty, especially when talking about the skyn or the products we have that will work for your skyn and needs.

I send smiles to each of you that took the time to read my story. I hope that you will enjoy the products we have available for you and please feel free to reach out to me or my team if you have any questions or want to share your story with us.